Am I Too Old for Plastic Surgery?

I have had patients ask me if  whether certain procedures are suitable for them at  a certain age.  In most cases cosmetic procedures can be done safely at older ages if you are healthy and don’t have significant underlying medical conditions.  It goes without saying that smoking is serious risk factors for anyone having surgery, regardless of age.

Here are a few thoughts and considerations on some of the more popular procures in regard to chronological age.



Botox® up to mid 80’s – as long as the Botox effect on the muscle activity gives a more relaxed appearance and limits the depth of the wrinkles, there is a benefit.  However if winkles are very deep, they will not improve or look appreciatively different with Botox ® treatments.

Injectable Fillers

  • Most injectables will create a benefit up to mid– 80’s  – Again, if the wrinkles or tissues plump up with a reasonable amount (1-4 syringes) of filler, then it is useful to soften the face with Juvederm®.
  • Sculptra®, – Sculptra® requires the potential for the person’s skin to generate collagen.  This ability decreases as we age.  Depending on the quality and thickness of the skin, think about skipping Sculptra® after 75

Eyelid surgery. 

Eyelid surgery is commonly performed in older men and women and is very helpful in removing overhanging upper eyelid skin and improving visual fields.  Care must be taken with the lower lids. A conservative approach is necessary as loss of elasticity of the lower lids can cause sagging (ectropion) or scleral show (too much white of the eye showing), if not done properly.


Face lifts/Neck lifts are most commonly done in the late 30’s to the late 60’s.  The loss of elasticity of the skin and neck muscles makes recurrent skin laxity or sagging highly likely in the late 6th and 7th decades.  The best results in face-lift are in those who have good thickness and elasticity of their skin, minimal sun damage, good health and are non-smokers. Significant sun damage or ingrained wrinkles can increase the risk of pleats, drape lines, and other undesirable signs of a facelift.  In general, it is optimal to perform a first face-lift in the mid 40’s to mid 50’s.

Breast augmentation or breast lift

No age restrictions, the average age being 32. I have done breast enhancement surgery into the 70’s. Breast reduction can also be done well into upper age groups as long as general health permits.


Abdominoplasty is a fairly long and significant procedure. Again there will be variability in factors modifying a person’s risks and results in this type of procedure such as weight, general health, and skin quality.  This procedure is usually best performed under the age of 70.

Every one is an individual with his or her own unique health history, genetic factors, risk factors and expectations.  Have a thorough discussion with your plastic surgeon about what options are available to achieve the optimal and safest results for you, no matter whatever age you are!

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