Cosmetic Procedures After Weight Loss Surgery

Post-Bariatric Surgery Cosmetic Procedures


While bariatric surgery has proven to be a successful way to lose dramatic amounts of weight, patients often lose weight so quickly they are left with uncomfortable amounts of excess skin. The skin tends to lose its elasticity and cannot conform to the smaller body size. As such, patients may find that their weight loss journey does not end with bariatric surgery. Body contouring procedures allow these patients to complete their weight loss goals, removing excess skin and fat and improving the shape and tone of the underlying tissue.

For the vast majority of those seeking post-bariatric cosmetic surgery, a lower body lift is most common. Because the abdominal, buttocks, waist, and hip areas typically hold the majority of the fat prior to the weight loss surgery, it is common that these areas experience large amounts of excess skin. A lower body lift usually involves using a circumferential incision, which allows for a lot of that excess skin and fat to be removed, resulting in a more contoured and proportionate body.

Post-bariatric surgery patients may also seek thigh lift surgery. Incisions are placed strategically in the groin area. It is also common to remove excess skin from the upper arms which is referred to as brachioplasty. Excess skin can be removed from the breasts by performing a breast lift. Many times breast implants are placed as well to give the breasts more shape and firmness.

For most patients undergoing weight loss surgery, the surgery itself may result in dramatic weight loss but leave the patient with excess skin. Dr. Sardo is an expert in body contouring procedures, and can help complete the weight loss journey.

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