Cosmetic Surgery of the Navel (Umbilicoplasty)

The navel is the centerpiece of the abdomen, but often it is overlooked as an area that can be surgically improved. Navels may be affected by pregnancies, which may cause resulting excess skin, an umbilical hernia or stretch marks.

Umbilical hernias are common. They can appear as a bump in the navel (or “outie”) or adjacent to the navel. They may not be bothersome or uncomfortable, but have the potential of developing into a serious medical condition, if the intestines protrude through the opening in or near the navel and become “incarcerated” or trapped. This can lead to loss of blood flow, pain, infection or bowel obstruction. Usually intrabdominal fat is protruding, so symptoms may be few. It may be consistently protruding , or go in and out with straining, lifting or varying positions. A hernia is repaired by pushing the contents back into the abdomen and closing the defect or hole with permanent sutures or mesh.

Excess periumbilical skin can be excised and sutured to hide the scar in the navel. If there is excessive skin laxity, it can be tightened with an abdominoplasty whereby the umbilical stalk is released and the navel sutured into a new hole after pulling down and trimming off the excess abdominal skin. Sometimes after an abdominoplasty the scar or navel is revised to improve its size or appearance. Come into the office for a consultation to discuss your options. Recovery is generally quick from these types of procedures.

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