Implant Placement, Over or Under the Muscle?

There are lots of decisions and considerations to make when planning for a breast augmentation. While many patients consider the size and shape of their breasts, not as many plan for the placement of their implants.

When placing a breast implant your surgeon can place the implant either over or under your chest muscle (also known as subglandular v. submuscular placement).  Placement is important because the chest muscle can provide additional support for the implant if needed and can also change the shape of the breast if desired.

If you are starting with very small natural breasts, it may be ideal to place your implant below the chest muscle. Without a great deal of natural breast tissue, the chest muscle can help shape your breast, making it more natural than an implant above the muscle. It can also help prevent damage to the implant.

Your decision on implant placement may also be based on the type of implant you have selected. Silicone implants are the most popular. However, if a saline implant is used it may be advisable to place the implant under the chest muscle in order to protect it from damage and also to make it look more natural. Saline implants are typically more firm than silicone implants.

An advantage to placing your implant above the chest muscle is that your breast shape will not be affected as your chest muscles are flexed and your implant not affected. In general, those patients seeking above the muscle implants are patients that have chosen silicone implants and have a significant amount of their own natural breast tissue.

If you are preparing for a breast augmentation and would like help choosing the placement of your implant, contact our office for a consultation today.

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