Optimizing Wound Healing in Plastic Surgery

Many factors are involved with wound healing including genetics, age, method of repair, underlying medical health, etc. Cosmetic surgery usually involves elective wounds that are clean, precisely aligned, and are in patients who are healthy. There are other factors that can determine the healing time, risk of infection or possible complications, and ultimate appearance of scars that can be optimized for the best possible outcome. The factors I am going to discuss are the ones in which you have control over and can significantly affect the quality of your results.

The first rule is always try to follow your surgeon’s instructions as closely as possible. If you have a question or confusion about something, do not hesitate to ask. It is a dynamic process based on the particular procedure, past experience and your individual unique physical, social and psychological factors.

Before surgery, discontinue all medications and supplements that affect blood clotting or may interfere with your anesthesia. You will be provided with a list.
Take a multivitamin, and extra Vitamin C, which is good for healing. Of course, no smoking and preferably no nicotine products. I am not a fan, but some people like to take Arnica Montana to improve bruising and swelling. If you do so, take as directed, because taking too much can be toxic.

After Surgery, follow instructions regarding activity. Increasing your heart rate or blood pressure can cause bleeding to occur. Do not drive, climb stairs or go out until instructed that it is safe to do so.

Protect the wounds. Do not remove dressings, or shower until instructed. Avoid sun exposure. Do not remove any SteriStrips (tapes on incisions). Try to stay in a non-dusty, clean environment. Take this time to devote to good healing and make sure you’ve arranged for reliable and consistent help during this critical period. There is plenty of time once you have recovered to get back to your usual domestic, exercise, and work routine.

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