Restore Your Appearance with a Mommy Makeover

Having children is an exciting and joyful time. With all of the changes around your home and to your lifestyle can also come significant changes to your body. Dr. Sardo always recommends a healthy diet and exercise routine for new mothers who are seeking to “get their old body back” after pregnancy and childbirth.

However, if you have ever had a child you understand that there are also changes to your body that the gym simply won’t correct. This can include unsightly stretch marks all over your body, loose skin that begins to sag as a result of your sudden weight loss, disproportioned breast tissue due to breastfeeding, and new, stubborn pockets of fat around the waist and hips.

If you have completed all of your expected childbearing activities including all pregnancies, births and breastfeeding activities – you can now begin to seriously consider your options for restoring your youthful appearance and body shape. Your plan should include a plan for maintaining a healthy and balanced diet as well as exercising regularly prior to making an appointment for surgery.

Once you feel ready for surgery, Dr. Sardo can recommend one or multiple combined procedures to complete your mommy makeover. Some of the popular procedures offered to new mothers include:

  • Breast lift, augmentation or reduction.

  • Body lifts including to the buttocks, arms, thighs, etc.

  • Liposuction.

  • Tummy tucks.

These procedures can be performed together in one visit, saving you time away from home, recovery time, and in most cases, money. Contact Dr. Sardo today to learn more about a mommy makeover.

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