The Dangers of Smoking Before Cosmetic Surgery

We’ve all heard the many dangers of smoking and the effect that tobacco products can have on our bodies. This is true for those who otherwise feel healthy and only undergo surgery on an elective basis. No matter how young you are, or how often you smoke, there are devastating side effects to smoking before your cosmetic surgery or during the recovery process.

Tobacco products, including cigarettes, contain high levels of nicotine. Smoking allows nicotine to enter your blood stream and circulate through all areas of your body. What you may not realize is that nicotine constricts the flow of blood through your body tissues.

This slower blood flow, no matter how insignificant it may seem to an otherwise young and healthy person, also slows down your natural healing process. In order for any skin condition or incision to heal, it must get an ample and healthy blood supply to the tissue. When you smoke before surgery or during recovery, your blood slows and does not reach your surgical incisions and the surrounding skin as it should. In extreme cases this can cause your skin to completely refuse to heal or even die in the affected area. The nicotine in your system can even cause your skin to shrivel and blacken at the incision site. This is not something that can be easily corrected without further visible scarring and difficulty healing.

There is a very simple solution to avoid this horrible side effect, which is to quit smoking prior to your surgery. In order to insure that the nicotine has completely left your blood stream it is important to quit smoking at least one month prior to surgery or however long Dr. Sardo recommends during your initial consultation. You will also be required to avoid smoking during your entire recovery period until Dr. Sardo advises otherwise.

If you’ve been looking for a good time to quit smoking for good, use your desire for cosmetic surgery as your motivation. Kick the habit for good to enjoy optimal results from your surgery as well as better overall health. If you need help kicking the habit before your surgery Dr. Sardo can also help with this process. Contact our office today.

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