Medical Services

Announcing Dr. Sardo’s Medical Screening Services

Have you had difficulty accessing medical services for simple common

I have heard from my patients and have myself experienced delays or obstacles in getting straightforward exams, ordering of lab tests or initiating treatment for common ailments. I am offering a menu of these services. Appointments will be available M-F during our
normal office hours within a reasonable amount of time.

Of course, this does not replace seeing your regular physician or specialist or substitute for care needed on an urgent or emergency basis. For an emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. These services are for patients over 16 years of age with several exceptions. Our fees do not include fees for laboratory or imaging tests ordered, but we can often estimate the cash prices for some of these tests. Depending on the findings, you may be referred to the appropriate specialist or primary care doctor for more definitive care beyond the scope of these services.

General Health Overview

  • Medical Evaluation – 1.5 hours $250
  • Employee or Student Physicals $95
  • Blood pressure/heart rate/oxygen saturation check $10

Suspected Infection

  • Strep Throat (includes strep test) $45
  • Ear Infection $40
  • Urinary Tract Infection $40
  • Sinus Infection $50
  • Skin Infection $5O
  • Yeast Infection $40

Medical Screening

  • Breast Exam $35
  • Thyroid Exam $35
  • Hernia Exam $40
  • Prostate Exam $65
  • Skin Cancer Exam $45
  • Evaluation of Lumps/Bumps $35
  • Colon/Fecal Occult Blood Test $45
  • Hypertension $75
  • GERD (Gastroe.sophageal Reflux Disorder) $125
  • Lipids/ Cholesterol $45
  • TB Skin Test S45
  • Anemia $45
  • Li\·er Function $45
  • Kidney Function $45
  • Diabetes $125

Minor Procedures:

  • Excision of mole or suspected skin cancer $150-$750
  • Excision of Skin Tags $150/10 tags
  • Repair Earlobes $500
  • Repair Gauge Holes $1,200
  • Pierce Ears (includes studs) $75


  • Flu Shot (October – February) $30
  • B-12 Shot $30