C-Section Scar Revision

C-Sections are still performed frequently, whether elective or emergently. How the resultant wound is closed, cared for and patient’s preexisting anatomy may affect the final scar quality and contour of the lower abdomen. If the scar heals thickened or ropey, or if the scar indents causing the skin to bulge above or below the scar, revision can be performed to improve the appearance. Sometimes beyond revising the scar, excess skin of the lower abdomen may be removed, or a pubic lift or liposuction may be performed to further improve the appearance.

Options for improving C-Section scars include:

1. Scar care – massage, silicone gel or silicone sheeting. Scars may take 6 months to several years to mature and improve.
2. Simple scar revision – Excision of the scar and resuturing under local anesthesia ($750-1,500)
3. Scar revision with recontouring to smooth out an indented contour, under local or general anesthesia ($1,500 – 3,500).
4. Mini Tummy tuck and /or pubic lift under general anesthesia with or without liposuction of the abdomen ($4,000-8,000).
5. Full abdominoplasty with abdominal wall tightening, if there is significant excess skin and abdominal wall weakness ($10,000-14,000)

Recovery depends on the extensiveness of the procedure and will range from 1 to 6 weeks. Call the office to schedule a personalized consultation to see how your lower abdominal scar can be improved. 858-452-6226

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