Cosmetic Nipple Procedures

Most people are often aware of the common plastic surgery cosmetic procedures. But there are a lot of procedures that you may not realize are done that can help you feel more comfortable about your body. Two such procedures are nipple reduction and correction of inverted nipples.

The size of a person’s nipples may be influenced by heredity and breast-feeding. Nipples may be very small, inverted (indented), flat or protruding up to an inch long, with diameters varying concordantly. While this may not be of concern to most, some may find the appearance of their nipples bothersome or difficult to conceal by bras or clothing.

A nipple reduction procedure may be simply done under local or general anesthesia, in less than 30 minutes, to reduce the size. Sutures are removed in a week and healing in general is complete in 2 weeks. The scar is very inconspicuous and most do not experience any sensory changes. The cost of this surgery is about $750 under local anesthesia, and up to $2,150 under general anesthesia.

Correction of inverted nipples is a more challenging procedure, because it may be difficult to maintain the projection. Correction depends on the procedure performed and the underlying anatomy. This procedure can also be done under local or general anesthesia. Make an appointment for a free consultation, if you would like to learn more! 858-452-6226

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