Prevention and Treatment of Post-Operative Nausea

It has often been said that nausea is more unpleasant than pain. People are sometimes more worried about having nausea after surgery than experiencing pain. If you have previously had problems with postoperative nausea, or if you get motion sickness easily, this may be a concern.

In the outpatient setting for cosmetic surgery, the anesthesiologists are very determined to avoid this problem. There are several medications that are routinely given to prevent postoperative nausea. Furthermore, you will be given a prescription for a medication (odansetron) that dissolves in your mouth, to have. should you need it.

If you have had severe problems in the past, notify the anesthesiologist who may give additional medications or apply a scopolamine patch prior to surgery. It is also helpful to be well hydrated and avoid unnecessary car travel.

Naturopathic remedies include wrist pressure bands (i.e. Sea Band), ginger, or inhaling essential oils (i.e. QueaseEase). Make sure to eat a light diet and always have crackers or something in your stomach prior to taking pain pills. Also, do not take pain pills and antibiotics at the same time. Call your doctor, if you are having persistent nausea or vomiting.

Fortunately, postoperative nausea is uncommon in cosmetic surgery, especially with our skillful, caring anesthesiologists!

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